Welcome to Brunches cafe, a vintage & retro-themed cafe that opened its doors in the charming neighbourhood of Farrer Park in 2015.

Step through the black metal frame into a world of all things retro & vintage and find yourself travelling back to younger days. Every corner of our space is adorned with vintage furnitures, a delightful medley of retro curios plus a combination of old-school knick knacks and an exquisite antique collection, of which, all are sure to ignite your childhood memories. Every retro trinket, toys & collectibles plays a part in breathing life to the cafe.

Of course, when in Brunches, one cannot miss the most eye-catching Mini-Cooper-converted dining table which is the key attraction of the cafe. This vintage car has been ingeniously cut into two halves and then padded with cushions to create seating for four. It is definitely the most sought-after dining table in the cafe! Many would agree that a visit to Brunches remains incomplete without capturing a moment in our vintage car booth!

In recent years, Brunches has undergone a significant transformation in its management style, resulting in remarkable progress and taking the organization to new heights. Through a dedicated commitment to excellence in food & services, Brunches has successfully won over the hearts of many persons. Not only has Brunches transformed into a neighbourhood cafe where many regular patrons have gradually become cherished friends, we have also had the opportunity to host and witness countless intimate gatherings, celebrations, parties, corporate events and various special moments. We are truly honoured for every experience together.

Beyond its vintage and retro theme, Brunches distinguishes itself from other cafes by upholding a commitment to top-notch food and customer service. Flipping through the menu, you'll discover an extensive selection of Western cuisine. From timeless favourites like Eggs Benedict to irresistible French toast and hearty pasta and main courses, our menu promises to delight all palates of any age group. Psst! If you're up for a delightful surprise, be sure to try our award-winning Frutti di Mare Pasta during your visit.

Our aspiration is to foster genuine connections through consistent meaningful conversations and camaraderie within our modest yet cozy establishment. We hope to grow alongside the wonderful community and every individual who walks through our doors each day. If we haven’t had the chance to serve you, do visit soon and allow us to WOW you!